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Mindfulness: Welcome

How are you feeling? 

Being able to label our emotions is crucial because when we know the proper language to describe something it allows us to understand ourselves and in turn, reach out and grow.

Mindfulness: Headliner


- Set boundaries
- Limit screen time
- Meditation/breathing 
- Gentle movement
- Affirmations


- Tell someone
- Stay active
- Take time out
- Decompress/meditate


- Journal
- Lay in the sun
- Cook for yourself
- Listen to podcast/music


- Journal

- Positive self-talk

- Confide in someone 

- Accpetance


- Rest/downtime
- Limit screentime
- Herbal tea
- Music
- Light stretches


- Acts of kindness
- Journal
- Dance/move

Mindfulness: List


- Cards

- Hug others

 - Say 'I love you' 

- Journal


- Confide in someone
- Rest/downtime
- Write it down/create a list
- Let yourself cry


- Affirmations
- Thank you body 
- Move your body 
- Laugh often

Mindfulness: List

Ways you can seek support today

Immediate phone services

Lifeline: 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention service

Beyond Blue: 24/7 support and referral from a trained mental health professional

Kids Helpline: 24/7 confidential phone and counselling services to young people (aged 5-25)

1800 Respect: 24/7 counselling and referrals for sexual assault, domestic or family violence

The Butterfly Foundation: 8am-midnight daily support for eating disorders and body image issues

Confiding in a loved one

Confiding in someone you love will feel challenging at first but can lead to a worthwhile outcome. Try to seek comfort in someone who makes you feel seen, validated and ensure you're in a safe environment to share. By telling someone what you are going through, they can help mitigate your situation by supporting you in seeking the help you deserve.

Professional Help

Booking an appointment with your GP, creating a mental health plan and working with a trained mental health professional are all beneficial steps to improving your state of mind and working towards long-term goals.

Mindfulness: Services
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