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15 ways to heal your relationship with your body

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hey gorgeous, sending a smile for mental health awareness day. I have wanted to do a body image post for so long so I have compiled a list of things that I've found useful develop self worth with no expiration date. I understand what a complex journey this is and of course this blog post isn't going to undo the hurtful things you may feel about yourself but I do hope it gives you some hope. Do not give up on the person you're becoming and always know not everything you think about yourself is true.

  1. "Health is more than what you're eating, its about what you're thinking, saying and believing. Health is such a multifaced idea and looks different on everybody. When we struggle with the way we look it can be easy to turn to the 'healthy eating' bandwagon. The pedestal of being 'so healthy' just because of what someone's eating is adding to the stigma. Your diet doesn't deem you 'healthy' if you are still thinking, saying and believing going against your body.

  2. What I eat in a day videos. Comparison. Comparison. Comparison. What you eat is your own business and no influencer is going to heal your relationship with yourself. Thats up to you beautiful ! Its so important to not mimic their lifestyle because often they promote words like 'cheat, guilt, bad, junk, clean' which just dont belong on the plate. This can leave us feeling like we are doing something wrong when in reality we need fuel in different forms, amounts and times. Lots of the time those videos can be a false representation of their diet as well because they want to seem 'healthier'. Always remember you dont know what their thoughts are about their body !!

  3. Online shopping. I know I'm not alone in online shopping being a big slap in the face sometimes. The ordeal of looking at measurements, sizes, models etc. can be so draining. If you aren't in the best place, try not to online shop frequently because clothes are designed to fit you, not you fit the clothes.

  4. Social Media check. I know this is thrown around all the time like 'check who you follow' but its too true. I know there are accounts that come to mind who leave you feeling off. If you can think of them, try and unfollow or next time you see something be really aware and make the best decision for you. If their content is something you genuinely enjoy looking at, then you could occasionally go onto their feed to read captions, stories or pick and choose which photos you view.

  5. Document how you feel in your best moments. What were you wearing, who were you around that made you feel like the star you are?. Recreate and repeat! We can thrive when we know who and what brings out self-love. P.S take note of who makes you feel insecure or like you dont match up too.

  6. Find body neutral reasons to exercise. Some examples of this are shaking off bad energy, connecting with your body, socialising, energy boost, a better nights sleep and more. Allow yourself to rest and allow yourself to move freely in a way that feels good, where your body feels like home.

  7. Do something not centred around the way you look. Whether that be adrenaline provoking, artwork, laughing or hugging you have the power to free up some brain space and focus on liberating things!

  8. Find your people. Your support network is so important. It may be 1 person or 10 people who you feel could listen to your struggle. Friends, family, extended family, coaches, councillors, anyone! I assure you so many people understand negative body image and the repercussions that follow.

  9. Don't lose yourself in bad body image. Letting your body image deteriorate can easily happen without you knowing. If you dont make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness. Do it for you, for your future, your relationships and your life.

  10. Surround yourself with confidence. You know when you find the people with this contagious confidence that just make you glow. I love when people can be so completely themselves that they make everyone else feel safe to do so too. You have a choice who you surround yourself with, choose light, choose love.

  11. Asses your current bad habits. When I am not in my best place I benefit from writing down a bad habit each week, consciously working towards resolving it. This could be checking your body as soon as you wake up or stepping on the scale just to leave your self-esteem lower than before. You can try and reduce the number of days you do this to start, working towards eliminating the habit entirely. Just remember that your weight isn't typically a conversation starter and there is no obligation to tell anybody what you weigh. Your self worth does not and will never equate to a number.

  12. Counteract the mean girl. When a negative thought pops into your head when you look in the mirror immediately think of one positive thing about yourself. For this TIP, just try it, just give it a go next time you catch yourself listening to your mean girl voice.

  13. Refrain from comparing to photos of your younger self. I and so many others are a culprit of this detrimental habit. Of course you grew and developed because we aren't meant to look like our 12 year old selves anymore. This is the body you were meant to have, you are beautifully made and that makes you uniquely you.

  14. Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love. Although this sounds odd, its essentially the notion of growing to be someone you love by treating your body like its someone elses. What would you say to your friend who looked the way you did, how would you make them feel worthy in this moment?

  15. Everyone needs to ask for help sometimes and that's ok. Last but certainly not least is reaching out. Its ok if you're struggling and I know how vulnerable you can feel when you do voice that. But one thing I have learnt and will carry with me is that you must speak up even when you're scared and think its normal to feel this way. Because there is a life full of abundance waiting for you on the other side.

Now, always and forever you are worthy. It is your birthright to experience pure self love and its your time to make it happen. Till next time beautiful,

Love Jess.

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