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5 ways to normalise mental health in your community

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hey beautiful people! Sending you biggest hugs this week and yay for Monday being done.

Here are 5 ways you can leave this world a better place than when you arrived xx

1. Understand that its not a character defect

Eliminate the stigma that can more often than not, be ingrained in our thinking. 'My mental health is not a burden to others, and others mental health is not a burden to me'. Mental illness can look different for everybody; take depression as an example. It doesn't have to look like the stereotype you are thinking of. Depression can look like going to school, smiling, eating, studying, socialising and so much more.

2. Talk about it

I think Gen Z's are actually pretty good at this! As we've grown we have all become more open to these life changing conversations in person or on social media.

But i do think a reminder is important: How are we ever going to stop the stigma if admitting to suffering is filled with shame or vulnerability. Play your part in the change... reach out and arrange coffee, go on a walk, meet for dinner. There is so much we are capable of and by asking 3 people each week are you okay? you are changing lives my love.

3. Educate yourself on mental illness

This is genuinely one of the most beneficial, important things you can do. There are over 200 classified mental disorders and whilst you aren't expected to name every one, it is your job to know that people are suffering. One in four people will experience mental illness in their lifetime so it's crucial we stop thinking it'll never be me, my parents, my best friend etc.

4. Refrain from making 'jokes'

Jokes about you or others having ocd, ptsd, anxiety attacks, eating disorders and more can be extremely invalidating to those who actually experience them. Its okay if a comment slips out but just be conscious to not use mental illness in a derogatory way on the daily. This makes for a more kind, accepting community!

5. Get involved with organisations

This last step is obviously not as accessible due to the pandemic but volunteering is a beautiful way to develop stronger social awareness. Beyond blue, kids helpline, r u ok and the butterfly foundation are all excellent causes that you can get involved with. It is important you do things to serve your community because it is people like you who will spark hope.

Thats all from me now,

sending so much peace and joy your way!

Love Jess xx

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