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A year of love

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hey my beautiful friends, today celebrates the abundance anniversary of one year. This started out as a passion project and has transpired into such a big part of who I am. Not a day goes by I dont think of abundance, hoping it has reached someone, who needed to hear my words.

I cannot fathom the amount of love you all give me, it is so beautiful to have a tribe of people who want to live abundantly. Love is the thing that carries us through. In the moments we feel content. Love is there. In the moments we feel small. Love is there. In the moments that feel ordinary. Love is there.

I hope my blogs are a place for you to know that in your darkest hour, somewhere out there, someone loves you. .

Blogging has not been simple, I've wrote a million drafts that I've scrapped when I listened to self-doubt. But you all inspire me so much, and remind me we are all perfectly imperfect beings. When I first thought of starting a blog I really just wanted to make someone feel like there was a way through what they're facing. So I hope each time you read a blog you go out in the world and feel lighter. Its so important to find the things that make you feel found, like you are understood amidst such a confusing world. We deserve to give ourselves that grace.

Thankyou for giving me a space to share... well anything really.

May you always know,

There is no light without the darkness

Rich without the poor

Colours without the neutrals

Right without the wrong

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Happy one year and here's too many more...

Sending big, beautiful, abundant hugs xx

Love Jess

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