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Affirmations to rise and conquer life.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I am so grateful to be sharing this post with you as you endeavour to be the best person you can be. I wish everyone peace in these turbulent times. When we get stuck in our heads we are robbed of our intuition so we must move down into our hearts to see life through a clearer lens.

Your mind responds well to present tense statements. An example of this growth is rephrasing a negative state into a place of control and calmness.

Instead of :"get over it" try "i am strong enough to overcome this"

OR "don't cry" can be turned around too "i am calm, i am safe".

Self love

"I am enough, just as i am in this moment"

"I am valued for more than my appearance"

" I am blessed with a healthy/ functioning mind and body

"I am compiled of unique gifts that bring light to the world"

" I am worthy of good things"

"I let go of negativity towards myself"

" I am enough on my own, no matter anyone elses actions"

Worried/ Anxious

"I am exactly where i am supposed to be, I have trust in the universe"

"Its OK to say no, i am safe to say no"

"I choose piece of mind today"

"I am capable to overcome challenges that arise"

"I breathe in trust and breathe out fear"


" I choose to focus on and celebrate what i do have"

" I give love wherever i go and it's multiplied back to me"

" There are so many beautiful things in the world"

" I am grateful to be alive, to breathe and experience the wonders of life"

" I am blessed with health and happiness"


"I release all tension in my body and mind"

" I express anger in a healthy and unprejudiced way"

" I am in control of what i say and do"

" I am OK for feeling Angry"

"I respect myself and therefore others respect me"

"I remain calm and centred amidst frustration"

Positive mindset

"I radiate and receive love"

"I commit to learning new things"

"I strive to be the best i can be"

"I am growing and evolving for the better"

" I have come so far and believe in myself"

Stressed/ Overwhelmed

" I let go of the day and i fill my body with a sense of calm"

" I deserve the best and accept it now"

" I am grounded and aligned"

" I allow breath and control to ground me"

" I have support and people who understand me"


"I am willing to be easy on myself"

"I am OK to slow down and take it one step at a time"

"I surrender completely to restful and rejuvenating sleep"

" Sleeping is the best resolution for me"

Thank you so much for reading , i promise that having affirmation's in your toolkit is so beneficial!

I hope this enables you to open up to abundance and goodness in all forms, stay safe lovelies.

Love Jess xx

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