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Hey all, hope you’re doing well, If not keep taking one step at a time and have trust in the universe. Below is an important reminder that you do not need approval or to prove anything to anyone.

You are enough and nothing about who you are needs to change for any external validation. Set goals and intentions for you to live your best life. I know we all love to share our best moments and highlights of our experiences but make sure you understand the intentions of your actions. So, do not go out today and live a life for anyone else, post a photo for someone to envy your holiday, go out of your way to put in effort to someone who doesn’t care to do the same.

Live a life in which you control your self-worth. You control the way actions of others effect you. Immediately recognise if a relationship, friendship or situation is not bringing you what fills your heart up. It can be so easy to subconsciously do things for others validation, notice when you do it and change those habits. I hate to say it, but most of the time they probably will not like you better if you post a pretty photo on your story. Remind yourself that life is not meant to be lived through a screen. You don’t have an obligation to post a photo of every breakfast you go out to, every friend you see, every beach you visit. Do not do things to prove your worth because the right people will love you without you trying to impress or put on a façade for them. The true friends understand that life is not perfect and nor are you. That life is totally messy, people won’t like you, things won’t go to plan etc that has been a natural part of human existence since the start of time. Let go of the people who make you feel you constantly have to prove yourself. Time is not on our side, and not many notice that until it is too late. If you found out you were dying who would you prioritise? The truth is we are all dying so start letting go of someone you don’t need. Stay true to who you are and you WILL attract the people compatible for you. Keep your head high and ultimately align with your happiest self and show up as that person. Live a compassionate, healthy and wholesome life for you only. Accept everyone, respect everyone especially yourself because when you spread a light for the world, your mere existence will change the world. You do not need to prove to anyone that your life is worth living, the only person that needs to believe that, is you.

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