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Beating holiday burnout

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Tis' the season for tinsel and candy canes my friends. Between the myriad of celebrating, family, giving, shopping, mailing gifts, socialising, travelling, christmas cards, avoiding THAT conversation with your aunty and maybe even zoom calls across the world. *Takes deep breath.* The joy of Christmas can be often-elusive. I know that there is this unspoken expectation to have a joyful, generous attitude all the time. But I am here to remind you that you aren't supposed to shut off anything else that might be going on. Rather, I hope you remember that you have a choice of how you spend your time to keep that holiday burnout at bay!


I know being of service is always something that crosses our mind around christmas time. Don't leave it up to others this year, do your part, even if it is small. You could make somebody a festive meal or bake some goodies. And, there is always work for the less fortunate in your local area such as creating food hampers. You can also partake in some gift wrapping for children. There are is an abundance of things you can do, big or small, to give.


After the year we have all had, you deserve to embrace the christmas spirit whenever your heart desires. Whether that be getting the Christmas tree up a week earlier than last year, writing Christmas cards for those you love, baking some hearty cookies, decorating the house with lights or putting on your cozy christmas playlist. The holidays can truly help us reconnect with the traditions, people and things that bring us joy most.


Looking at the coming soon list on Netflix there are a dozen of the cheesiest Christmas originals ready to be released !! (I know you're dying to watch them). Remember to do what fills your cup up this holiday. Envision your ideal break, what are you doing? who are you with? what are you wearing? and now create it.


Christmas is connection, fill your 2020 christmas with belly laughs surrounded by your nearest and dearest. The long break from "normal life" can definitely be challenging for some. Of course the break from the norm can be great, every friendship needs to have some time apart to help regain it's integrity. However I know that loneliness or disconnection can start to kick in after a while. So keep in touch with the ones who you genuinely miss, at the end of the day they are the people making a difference to your life. I am telling you even a facetime can go a long way!

The top things I am looking forward to this merry season is...

  1. Writing christmas cards - my all time favourite thing to do !!

  2. Eating & baking the yummiest, most divine christmas foods.

  3. Making wholesome memories with my family and friends.

Never let anything be your reason to forget the holiday cheer. May all the love you give find its way back to you this christmas,

Love Jess

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