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Embracing your truth

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Happy Friday lovely, I hope you are glowing! To my Brissie readers I'm sending you love for the next lockdown period. Know that its okay to feel uneasy, I see you and I hear you.

Today I delve into the importance of embracing your truth, and how empowered you'll feel when you leave these cookie cutter lives behind. Embracing all that is you is not easy, it takes a really strong person and you are just that. As an example starting a blog was my truth but it wasn't easy, it took confidence and vulnerability.

Often I think what does it even mean to embrace your truth? I see it as the knowing we no longer have to shrink ourselves to 'fit'. The people pleasing and moulding for someone else's comfort will never allow us to evolve. What is the truest relationship, career, hobby, experience or life you can imagine and who do you need to be to achieve that.

No longer engineer smallness, start now. Send the message, have the conversation, apply to the job, post it, eat the cake, buy the outfit, book the appointment, stand up, speak up. Even if you're scared, what if it could change your life? What if you finally felt like YOU.

Glennon Doyle wrote in her book Untamed (100% recommend) "This life is mine alone. So I have stopped asking people for direction to places they've never been". This is your journey of discovery and there is no map or guide telling you who to be. Beautiful you can rise up from anything and the person you were meant to be all along is waiting to be unleashed.

Knowing who we are and knowing what we want are often associated together. But they are totally separate. The foundation of your life is finding who you are and delving deep into that truth. The rest will follow once you set yourself free. What you stand for, your highest ambitions and true calling will come when you let go of what doesnt serve you. Your authenticity will attract beautiful things.

It is not your responsibility to live up to somebody else's idea of you. Read that again. You can and should unsubscribe to the society that robs you of your ambitions. Someone is always going to have something to say, so may as well be content yourself right!

Some Friday reminders!

You don't need to justify yourself or your actions to anybody.

Its okay to be lost on who you are right now, everyone experiences this.

You're always going to be accepted by someone no matter who you love or who you wonderfully are.

Don't rush or force things that weren't meant for you.

You deserve every good thing out there beautiful,

Because it is your power, and it is your truth.

Love Jess xx

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