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Give yourself grace

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hey beautiful, I wanted todays blog to be a dose of love for you.

Sometimes the only thing we need is comfort and time. I think so often we forget to find peace in the process. We deserve to give ourselves that grace. Letting the emotions, whatever they may be, pass through you filtering out the toxins of guilt. A few days ago I laid in bed for hours with dark chocolate and Netflix; past me would feel unproductive or guilty because of my long to do list. But in growing as a person I found...

You can still hustle and know the boundary of self-preservation. You can be a beautiful friend but know when you need to recharge. You can be independent and need support. You can be a listener and have a voice. You can live a meaningful life and find passion in things others dont understand. Keep going my friend, you might nearly be there and you dont even know it.

From me to you, know this and never forget it.

Some days you will feel unstoppable. On those days, be loud about the things that are important to you. On those days, never water down your wild for anyone. On those days, grow stronger on the inside. Do these things so that you can show up for yourself on the days that don't feel so easy. With time, you canl learn to roar even when you feel small.

If today is hard, find warmth in tea, a blanket and someone who can listen. There is a type of love hidden in the small moments that i will always look for. Feel everything today. Dont judge it... "Through judging we separate, through understanding we grow" Doe Zantamata

I want you to know if the only thing you did today was hold yourself together, I am proud of you.

Love Jess xx

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