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Growth tree

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Over your life you will continue to grow as a person based on your experiences and social interactions. Through this growth it is fundamental to train your brain to stay alert, to be aware of who you surround yourself with, to reflect on what you devote your time to and ask yourself 'is this bringing good into my life?'. Life is an enigmatic journey and through your endeavours you must have an open heart and mind to learning. Learning from your mistakes and taking the good from the bad will bring you great change.

Trust the way life is happening, every day you have the chance to grow into someone else and face the world the way you want. One simple decision can have such a complex outcome and you must be willing to endure that to achieve change. For example, moving friendship groups can be about sticking it out and then fast forward two months and you feel the benefits.

Be open to platforms that can you can learn from e.g. Ted talks and podcasts. By indulging in these practices you bring more wisdom and knowledge to your day. You can benefit immensely by listening to others who give you a moment of their advice. It not only allows you to relate to real world experiences but is a reminder you're not alone in your problems! It is not always about reading 5 books a week to learn more.

Your personal tree is a metaphoric example of your growth, each day strive to add kindness, success and dreams to your tree. And no matter the number of setbacks you face, your tree will always stand tall.

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