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Healing your relationship with life

Hey there, I hope you are looking after yourself today, I wanted to write this blog for those not feeling like themselves right now. There is a beautiful world out there and I know when you are struggling it doesn't feel like it's waiting for you anymore. But it is and its okay if it takes you time to be okay.

On the harder days our instinctive response is to engage in behaviours that ironically make us feel worse. We listen to our surface desire each time we let our inner dialogue run wild, isolate ourselves or just do what feels 'easy'. But what you really need is somewhere within you, you just haven't been taught to find it yet...The next time things get harder please come back here, remind yourself you are safe and you know what to do.

So here is what you may actually need;


Confiding in a loved one, hugging and finding assurance in their presence is a true antidote.


Eat, lay, breathe out in the sun and let the world impress you with peace (without your phone).


Understand your thoughts, know they are detached from you by journalling how you feel as well as devising ways you can challenge them.


Positive, healthy outlets can take the form of art, adventures, conversation or creativity. Let your imagination lead you to a place free from stress and judgement.


We all repair and restore in various ways but devoting time to ourselves is essential. This shifts you from feeling uncomfortable on your own and turns being by yourself into a resource where we can respect our mind and body, to meet our needs.

Healing your relationship with life is essentially shifting your perspective to understand there is a world beyond your thoughts. For example, rather than trying to heal your relationship with your body, you can focus on healing your relationship with life and letting the rest follow. I have found if you're all consumed by trying to "fix" the way you view yourself it reinforces the narrative you were broken in the first place. But from me to you, you were never broken... there is just a part of yourself that needs to be set free. To me this might look like... taking a moment to look at the sky everyday, spending time with yourself, going to the markets, wearing a fun & colourful outfit, reading and ensuring I sleep well. Anything that makes YOU feel alive and the best part is, it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else.

You are resilient, tender, beautiful, intelligent, spontaneous, courageous, powerful and needed.

You are everything i aspire to be.

Love Jess xx

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