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Here's to the new year!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

As the new year is on the horizon it is so important to celebrate our beautiful now. You have achieved so much and I am inspired by everyone of you. May you continue to grow and live your singular shooting star of a life in 2021.

New years resolutions:

Definition: A firm decision made on New Year's Eve to do or refrain from doing something over the course of the coming year.

But something about this doesn't sit right for me. I think the concept of giving up something that makes you feel good i.e. a certain food or watching TV can paradoxically leave the resolution to be abandon by February. Same goes for starting something that doesn't come naturally, it feels counterintuitive. I can see the list I would have made for myself a year ago - 3 x runs a week, Journal every day, 2 hour screen time per day, Read 1 hour every night. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these goals, falling short of these things left me feeling like I didn't match up. I felt like there was this burden of chores waiting for me that eventually all the motivation just left my body. Where I found my passion to run, journal and stay off the screen was when I gave myself room to grow, it was when I least expected it. Your current behaviours have deep roots that take time and patience to evolve, you cannot expect so much of yourself with the change of a date.

I know healthy, happy living is most definitely affiliated with goal setting. And if new years resolutions are your asset to thriving then go for it! But for me, I have compiled a list that feels more gentle on myself than pressuring and I wanted to share...

  1. Creating a list of things you can look forward to in 2021

  2. Choosing one word that you can carry with you throughout the year

  3. Reconcile with your inner child, passions or hobbies

  4. Write a letter to your self and open in 365 days

  5. Create a personal goal, social goal, community goal and earth goal

Examples of goals

Personal: A habit you can gradually build this year

Social: Someone you want to spend more time with this year

Community: A way you will connect and serve your community this year

Earth: One sustainable choice you want to make this year, or adventure you want to go on


My love letter to you for 2021:

To the person reading this post right now, thankyou thankyou THANKYOU. You ignite my passion and my purpose. By reading my posts you remind me of the magnitude of love a community can create.

In 2021 and beyond may you always feel your intrinsic human qualities, embody love wherever you go and live with dignity. I truly believe in you to break free from these cookie cutter lives. You are ready, to shine from within.

I hope Abundance reminds you of the power of your story. Your story is built upon your actions, your words, your soul, your growth and sense of self. Your story is what matters, its what's remembered and what changes lives. So here's to the wonderful you and your narrative. Thankyou for everything.

You are pure magic and I love you,

Happy New Year

Love Jess xx

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