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Know yourself, Love yourself, Be proud of yourself

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

KNOW - In this day and age it can be so easy to lose yourself when you base your life off social stigmas and norms. But this will all change when you immerse yourself in life's greatness to fully know yourself. Find the things that resonate with you, the book, the quote, the podcast or the advice. What works for you to believe in yourself may not work for your friend. There is no one way to live this life and everybody is trying to find themselves along the way. Even when there are setbacks it is important you don't sleepwalk through the beauty of life.

LOVE - In spite of all fear and self-doubt it is so important to know you always have the ability to love yourself. Do more of the things that are liberating, the things that light up your heart, more of the things that get you off your phone, more of the things that make you proud to be you. The strive to be and love the best version of yourself trumps any driving force of egoic desire. You will impact more lives by genuinely loving the person you are rather than wearing a facade. It is so important to never let self doubt immobilise you as you are so much more than that 'mean girl' in your head. Always know if you have unwavering faith and look at life from another angle you have the power to take what is and make it more beautiful.

BE PROUD - In order to combat any situation you must embrace the art of manifestation. Be proud of yourself and the journey you are on. Be proud of everything you've learnt and understand there is so much more to know, see and do. You are doing so amazing even with small accomplishments and you will go so far. Your self esteem can be boosted so much when you reflect and congratulate yourself, helping you to keep persisting. When you are truly proud of your actions you become a beautiful believer in all things, people and yourself.

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