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Learning, loving and expanding from home

Hey my beautiful readers, I hope you have all been coping well in shifting to life from home again! If you feel like you have completely lost your way, I want you to know that human beings are fallible. We are all eminently human and in times like this we feel that most. As always, when the big things come, think small. Reading is when I have felt my happiest this week... fictional characters and exquisite imagery feels like i am living a thousand little lives whilst being in this one. I am also genuinely so grateful for my glimpses of connection this week.

We share an inherent desire to connect, we all crave the peace in knowing life is utterly complex in the eyes of the next person. Connecting with people is integral whether that be your family, over zoom, from your balcony or on a rejuvenating walk. I really wish you could see smiles under masks! but like all things right now, trust in the goodness of people, that everyone is smiling back at you. We are all human, we all want to feel apart of something greater. It takes strength to create such a force, one comprised of helping hands that empower each other.

During these lockdowns social media can breed toxic positivity at times and something I want you to know is its OK to not feel overjoyed by this. There is a multitude expectations society has developed about lockdown and here are just a few;

Introverts will thrive and extroverts will not cope

Whilst to some extent people who crave solitude may feel more ease at home it doesn't discount the fact that life is literally on hold for everyone. It is so valid to feel the effects of this, no matter what the personality quiz said! Recently, i have learnt being labelled an introvert or extrovert isn't at all useful to understanding myself. Most of society simply just fall into a binary where we amble between introversion and extroversion. You are beautiful, beaming and brave in your authenticity.

Lockdown is 'supposed' to come with this excessive health kick

Valuing your being over your body is a telling of courage and fortitude. To know body-acceptance we must know there is a fear and bias rooted in us that we must consciously mount over. The way I have manifested body acceptance is through the art of body-neutrality. I now know that my body is a blessing to live the abundant life i wish to pursue, your body will evolve over time and that is simply okay. Our happiness isn't meant to depend on how attractive you are to someone. Happiness is an unmatched feeling, it is a sparking passion, it is pride and triumph, it is knowing you are wholeheartedly alive and revelling in that. Above all, happiness is everything that a strict fitness regimen is not.

The same goes with food, there is honestly a moral morass surrounding food! Listening to that moral superiority robs you of any freedom and agency. What i wish for all of you during your time at home, in the words of Lily Collins..."I view food as energy for my mind and body, rather than something to be scared of. Because without it, I can't grow stronger emotionally, mentally or physically" This is a wonderful opportunity to heal your relationship with food as you can create the most fulfilling, nourishing and soul giving meals, with all the time in the world.

Hold this close to you today...

There is power in being an observer, being fascinated by what just is. The only way you could experience human life an feel happy 100% of the time, is really to have never lived at all. You know what your heart is capable of feeling, where there is life there is lessons and love.

May that love travel to all your doorsteps,

Jess xx

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