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Learning & Unlearning in 2022

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Happy New Year to my beautiful readers,

I hope this year you laugh and do liberating things often. Stay curious, hopeful & free. I hope my blogs can remind you of that side of yourself, as you continue to discover all your beautiful aspects.

My words that reflect my aspirations for the new year are learning and unlearning.

Learning about life beyond my pocket of the world, learning about people, learning about love, humanity and sensitivity. And unlearning the performative beliefs of society that were never true and never just. Unlearning is an equally significant concept because there is always an opportunity for deceit in this world. But we have the power to be discerning and ask ourselves if what we are seeing/hearing could in some way be problematic. On the contrary, there is also so much goodness out there strung between the small moments, the quiet awakenings but also the loud uproar from those making a difference. Everything that makes you feel empowered, worthy and fulfilled as a human being, keep close to you. Let those truths seep deep into your skin and find their way to your heart.

Last night i was feeling down so I wrote a letter to myself celebrating all the special things that make me who I am. It helped. I wanted to share that with you because everyday you can be your own home. And I think we are so accustomed to self depreciation it can feel odd to write to ourselves in a loving way. But try and surpass comfortability, write a letter to you for the new year... as something you can always come back to.

Your free spirit and your light are irreplaceable, so much so that without you, this world would never feel as colourful again.

Love Jess xx

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