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My daily routine to be the most fulfilled version of myself.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Hello!! i hope you are feeling joy as Australia navigates its way through this unusual time. I have been so caught up in beginning school again that i have so much stored inspiration and blog ideas bursting out of me. Finding the time to write them is quite a juggle with everything in my life but none the less i am grateful to be posting this today.

Finding a daily routine is something i have been working at for months and trust me that it is absolutely worth it to have things that align you with the best version of yourself. Before i start, i do hope you know that this is not what every day looks like and i do not follow a routine to a tee. Of course not ! There are days where motivation lacks, making my bed is the last thing i feel like and putting effort into meals is just too much. But all i can do is try, try and do the things that fill my heart up because i know in the long run, it is worth it.


Morning. "Your day is formed by how you spend the first hour of it"

7.00 am wake up.

* at least once a week I try and rise with the sun. (6.15am) This allows your body to wake up gradually and naturally which overall makes you feel more motivated. From this, i am inclined to have a better day.

* write down my dreams i can remember on my phone notes ( i'm up to 140 dreams!) this gives me a record of recurring dreams and allows me to better understand myself.

* most mornings i don't interact with social media when i wake up as this is causing us to be 'reactive'. By reacting to what people say and do, self doubt or negativity can be inflicted.

7.05 am mindfulness.

* opening my blinds is a grounding act i love to do as i get a glimpse of nature and feel more aware.

* I try and meditate for 3-10 minutes depending on my mood or if i have somewhere to be.

* lately i have been reading for 5-10 minutes after meditating because i am so engrossed in Maria Shriver's 'I've been thinking' but any motivational book is always nice to enlighten your day.

* Just before i hop out of bed I love to manifest 3 things that I am grateful for in that moment.Gratitude allows me to experience life with relish and can be expressed in multiple ways.

7.30 am getting things done.

* the next thing i try and do every day is make my bed. I know what a cliche but it truly does make me feel more productive.

* if i were to shower in the morning i love to do the last 10 seconds on cold water. The benefits range from strengthening immunity, restoring energy, stress reduction, improves circulation, relieves depression and supports healthy skin.

* the next thing i do is say good morning to my family, this makes me feel so loved and connected.

* lemon water or tea are such a beautiful boost for winter mornings and i love making this if time is on my side.

8.00 am breakfast.

*breakfast is my favourite meal, it is such a new beginning and i cultivate so much creativity into it. "breakfast food is all day food" I put the most effort into brekkie because it does fuel you to approach the day in the best way possible. My go to breakfasts are chia puddings, veggie fritters, overnight oats, avocado toast or smoothies.

* i occasionally drink coffee, i am currently having it 1-2 times per week which is working out well for me.


During the day.

*during the day looks pretty similar for me but consists of

* school

* dance

* lunch

* read

* social media


Evening/ Night time. "As the sun goes down, reflect on what the day taught you"

4.30 pm move my body

* most days i love to walk and listen to a podcast and then finish up with pumping music to run home. Allocating that time of day to walk reminds me to prioritise and enjoy the small moments. I also learnt from Sarah’s day that when you’re having a down day or in a funk you shouldn't put on a sad Spotify playlist that will exacerbate the situation.

* other days i go on a long run with Mum or bike ride

* if staying home, i love Pilates!!

8.00 pm connection

* around this time in the evening i race upstairs to watch master-chef with the whole family, after dancing. It is so nice to have a small thing that initiates structure in our days at the moment.

* i usually have dinner around this time too!

* i love to check in on people whether that is by calling a friend, texting them or saying 'thank you' I feel really connected. Recently, i truly have been assessing my values and prioritising people who reflect them which is the most beautiful thing.

10.00 pm wind down

* i am definitely not one to turn my phone off 30 minutes before sleep, i am literally on it until the last second.

* i then say goodnight to my parents and siblings.

* every night after being on social media, i lay in bed and watch my favourite youtuber's daily vlog. It always ends my day off perfectly and makes me so content.

* I then go onto 'bloom' mindfulness app and play my meditation to fall straight asleep.

and then i start again....

I hope this blog has given you some ideas about your own daily routine and how pivotal it is in our narrative.

Thank you for reading beautiful,

Love Jess

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