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My thoughts on the holidays

I am acutely aware of the notion that holidays are a time reserved for full social schedules, gratitude, new years resolutions and incandescent cheer. In the realm of social media, this time of year can be so glamorised leaving us feel inadequate in more ways than one.

Check in on everyone around you these holidays, there are so many people bearing the weight of loneliness, grief, mental illness or stress that you may not even know about. There is an underestimated power in asking if someone is okay during this period and reminding them that they haven't failed just because society taught us the holidays are devoted to pure happiness. When we do this, we challenge the axiom of a 'perfect holiday' so we can all feel a bit more human. So often it feels like my heart is sewn to my outside pocket so when I am having a harder time (especially on the holidays) its easy to feel guilty or ungrateful. But I hope you know that this is more than okay, I promise it's not productive to live under the guise of happiness if you aren't thriving. This is not to say you should wallow in your struggles but rather rediscover your strength by confiding in someone, setting healthy boundaries with others and knowing the holidays are often held to an unrealistic pedestal.

Thankyou for your boundless love and support in my blogs in 2021. I hope Abundance has reminded you that through the rises and falls of this life, in all your flaws, that you are valued. Although you may not see yourself in every blog I write, I hope my words find you and anchor you to a sense of love. May we all find the power in words these holidays, the words we speak to our loved ones and the words we speak to ourselves.

Merry Christmas to you all,

Love Jess xx

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