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Peace, amidst it all

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hey beautiful, thankyou for being here...

I felt lost on what to write this week, it feels callous to be celebrating positivity when so much of the world is aching. Sometimes there just isn't any silver lining to be found or way to justify what is happening.

And whilst the exposure of this inequality is imperative, so is finding inner-peace to look and move forward. When we know this, we can begin to heal.

The world can feel noisy, cloudy and like we are gasping for air sometimes. But, there's power in knowing peace can be found in your uncertainty, in the messiness of it all. Each new days holds the promise of a step forward, where we can reinvent ourselves. What you know by now is that none of us fit into a box or stay between the lines. With all good things comes intuition, vulnerability & self-belief. There is no better time than now to start letting these things guide our choices, and revel in the beauty of it all.

I think you are so brave. I think it is brave that you believe in something more. I think it is brave that you continue to love and love again. I think it is brave that you have picked yourself up time and time again. There are have been things you couldn't even fathom overcoming but here you are on the other side. Through the judgement, fear, pressure, trauma, oppression, anxiety you still showed up, you rose. It is so easy to surrender to pain, but you didn't. And that tells me the strength in your soul will speak louder than any societal norm we're conditioned to believe. You are a fighter through and through.

"Her passion burned brighter than her fears" - Anon

We need the people who will hold us, make us feel like a somebody if everyone else made us feel like oblivion. Tell your friends you love them, we all need a space of openness right now. Be known for your kindness and your grace.

To the women reading this, you are not the issue, the onus of responsibility is on men and boys. I'm sorry if the world made you feel small or stuck. Breathe. Nothing is permanent. You are here, you are wildly capable and you are free. Just as you are.

From my heart to yours,

I love you.

Jess xx

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