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September - the month of self

Hello to all my wonderful readers, I hope you're feeling well and being gentle with yourself today.

September is a beautiful month for so many reasons, particularly the integral conversations and movements regarding suicide prevention and mental health. What I hope everyone who walks this planet knows is that you are needed, you are significant and undoubtedly loved even when your mind tells you your not, especially then.

Self discovery

If you're feeling lost in your purpose or your worth, sit with this...

"I never lost sight of my worth, I only took a detour into the deepest parts of myself and discovered there's nothing i can't do" Stephanie Bennett-Henry.

Know that it is safe to take that detour, don't even tell anyone you're doing it, just be with you for a while. You are delicate my love but oh so powerful and there truly is nothing you can't do in this life. Your worth will never disappear and sometimes we must look deep inside ourselves in order to come home to that. Ask yourself R U OK! When we genuinely let ourselves feel our pain, we can begin to heal. Of course nothing is this simple in the sense we cannot recognise we are feeling depressed and immediately reverse that suffering. But there is an inkling of power that comes with recognition and that knowing can provide us with courage to reach out.

You have something inside you that is worth listening to, we all do, so lets embody a bit more compassion for ourselves and humanity today.

Self compassion

In a fast-paced world it can be extremely hard to continue taking care of yourself when you're tired but that is what ultimately saves you. You are authentically human and I will continue to tell you that you are doing just fine. Every day you are gaining new insight so it is a waste of energy to keep getting consumed by the past. You were only capable of doing what you knew back then, but you know more now. And you'll know more tommorow too.

Something I believe has been stigmatised by society is the notion of being "too sensitive". I was reading on this the other day, are we really being sensitive or are we just strong enough to pay attention and bare our hearts? So something I hope all the sensitive souls out there know is that without your sensitivity, you wouldn't have your empathy, conscience, intuition, kindness, creativity or such wonderfully observant qualities. If you are a soft person, dont let this world turn you hard and never let anyone invalidate the way your heart was meant to feel.

In order to grow you must lay down what was never yours to carry, believe in your wildest ambitions and never settle for less. Ever.

Self belief

"Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals human spirit" E.E Cummings

I have personally found self-belief one of the most challenging qualities to consciously choose every single day. But what I now understand is that my best self already exists and what I am searching for in life are the experiences that will charge my soul to slowly become that version of me. You must look inside yourself to really believe in what you are capable of. Take this from me, when you wake up fuelled by optimism and possibility, life becomes a whole lot more meaningful.

So in September lets all look a bit more closely at our own hearts and those around us. There is always help available and someone out there who wants you to feel seen and heard. I hope this blog has reminded you the importance of nurturing yourself from the inside out.

There is so much beauty in the individual experience and I promise you that your future self will thank you.

The sky's the limit,

Love Jess xx

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