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The quality to look for in meaningful relationships and manifest into your own life.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hey everyone! I have just spent the most serene week away by the ocean and it has given me so much time to think. I feel so rejuvenated with so many blog ideas and so for the next month i hope to post 1-2 times per week. I said it... so now i must be held accountable. Anyway, with so much time to think i have really been pondering on this recurring thought of 'what do i value most in people'.

I think this question is something we should all be asking, to be better for ourselves and for our community. And the beautiful thing about identifying this valuable quality in others is we can reciprocate that into our own lives.

For me, the quality i value most in people is how they make others feel about themselves. Think about some beautiful figures in your life or someone you briefly crossed paths with, how did they make you feel about yourself? It is so meaningful to find people who show you genuine interest, who offer a smile or a helping hand. It is kind people like that who make you feel like enough, feel loved and validated with no expectation. I love going home from seeing somebody and just feel good about myself because of how pure and loving their actions/words were.

I think we are all longing for a community free of judgement yet society is saturated in it by second nature. The way we can create this visionary environment is by paying it forward. By intently choosing to make others feel good about themselves today, tomorrow and for years to come.

We can make others belly laugh until they end up with tears of happiness

We will remind others how much we love them, that they're glowing or doing so well

We must kick gossiping to the curb

"Beautiful has nothing to do with looks, it has everything to do with how you are as a person and how you make other people feel about themselves" - Unknown Author

Thank you so much for reading and showing up for yourself today.

Always remember a few nice words can help a person more than you know.

Love Jess.

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