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We cannot change each other and that is okay...

Today I wanted to write about why desperately trying to change those around you is exhausting and simply not worth your precious energy. The most important thing is that you are filled with pride at your own discovery and that you can marvel at the life you have created for yourself.

Many times in my life I have felt that I see the world differently to those around me. I have a deep wisdom and wonder for life's possibilities that I cannot always explain to others. Sometimes I wish I didn't think so intuitively about trivial things but I have learnt that this is my power. We all have an irreplaceable power and no one can really explain theirs to each other, which is actually quite a beautiful thing...

You cant be what you cant see.

With exposure, comes learning and growth. I have experienced exposure to many things in life that served as a catalyst to be more accepting and open to differences in our world. But, not everyone has and that is okay too. This doesn't make me better than those around me, not at all. No one is inherently better or worse for knowing more. We are simply all venturing through what it means to be human on different timelines. There are so many areas of life I dont even know about yet or can begin to imagine, that the next person might. This is so exciting yet slightly intimidating at the same time because there is so much out there for us to learn. We cannot change each other, we can only be gentle with each other.

This doesn't go to say you cannot plant a seed or bring light to an issue that you want to share. It is imperative we have conversations, particularly around current global issues. However, there is peace in just being a spark for someone else's journey of wisdom. Let peace be your anchor.

I am who I am today through an accumulation of experiences, inspirations, conversations, setbacks, inner-work, friendships thriving, friendships ending, triumphs, family and an abundance of things that culminate the human experience. You are a warrior. A different one to me. Shaped by a myriad that is one of a kind.

Pour your light into the places that need it, the people who are curious to know more and most importantly into your own soul searching. Remember that we are all trying our best with what we know in a hurting, messy world.

You are loved, you are love.

Jess xx

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